Tuptin (STR 14 DEX 10 CON 10 INT 16 WIS 11 CHA 14)


Helm Cloth (1)
Body Leather Leather (
Arms/Legs (Magic: 8)
Boots of Flying (Speed x 5) (
Gauntlets Leather (+1)

Shield Round (+4)


Permanent Torch
Ring of Illusions (10) Creates a believable illusion (WIS – 10). 0< Believes.
Eye of Entrapment (
10) (INT – 20) 0< Trapped by the Eye; can do nothing that impulse.


Raised to be a wizard, Tuptin has followed the advise of others for 75 years. Although he knows he is not ready, he leaves to follow his whims. Having just had his third eye implanted (Eye of Entrapment), Tuptin was given a week off to rest. He left the second day, barely escaping. Also, he stole the Ring of Illusions on his way out. He is searched for for some time.

Hearing pursuit, he hid in the woods. Flying in quickly, an aged wizard took his chances in the young wood and came quickly. Spotting his target, he prepared a magical blast… Until he hit a tree. Tuptin stripped him of his famed flying boots, his dagger and pouches of items before the old man awoke.

Flying high and far, Tuptin flew all night. He arrived at a battle just as it was ending, so he thought he’d drop in on it. Making this big mistake as a random arrow flew near was not his idea of fun. He jumped high in the sky and left, seeking a nearby town.

Here, he met a pair of adventurers. Their journey together begins.


U-Con 2011 DireWolf