A Trivirite Soldier


STR 17 DEX 17 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 13 CHA 8 Hit points: 41


Helm Leather and Iron (4)
Body Leather and Iron (
Arms/Legs Leather (Magic: 3+5)
Boots Leather and Iron (3)
Gauntlets Leather and Iron (

Shields Round (6) Round (6) Round (Magic:3+3)


Short Spears (D6+1) (Magic: D6+4) (D6+1)
9 Darts (D6) (D6) (D6)
Daggers (D4) (D4) (D4)
Composite (Bone) Bows (D8+1) (D8+1) (Magic: D8+4)(Magic:: 3 Arrows: Auto-Kill: + to Hit: +5 DMG)


Trivirites are strange, very rarely seen and only partly human. Never among humans unless cast off from their society, this one must have done something terrible to be among humans. With three legs and three arms, and a single head with an eye in each of three locations (above the arm), they are very capable warriors.

Able to advance (or retreat) 50% faster than humans (5 movement per combat round), they typically use a bow in two hands and a spear and shield in the other. Another typical format is three spears and shields, which all can hit the same target the same combat round.

Wandering the world, he embraced quickly the idea of an interesting adventure. Quite combat-capable, due to years of combat, this Trivirite is a very useful asset to the team.


U-Con 2011 DireWolf