STR 26 DEX 22 CON 31 INT 7 WIS 15 CHA 7

Armor None

Skin (2)
Avoid (


Great Maul (Magic: D12+12) Allows ‘Speak with Animals’


Kraak-O is named that for the sound he makes when he kills an opponent. Also, the sound of the head crushing…

Is he man or beast? No one knows. He only sometimes seems to talk, but is still not understood most of the time. He seems to understand very well.

How he evades damage from swords and arrows is amazing. For someone eight feet tall, he twists and turns remarkably well, avoiding injury. He tired of the soldier’s life after one battle (he was paid considerably extra to leave).

Some of the girls in town appreciate him for what he is. Most think he’s just an animal on two feet. Most people have no idea what he is, but he does pay for things, as needed. Could an animal do that?

Whatever he is, the kids like to watch him show off for them, he hasn’t hurt anyone and he pays his bills. A solid citizen? The town doesn’t much care.


U-Con 2011 DireWolf