Northern Barbarian


STR 17 DEX 16 CON 12 INT 13 WIS 13 CHA 16 Looks (63)


Helm Leather (2)
Body Hide (
Arms/Legs (Bare 0)
Boots Leather (
Gauntlets (+1)
(DEXTERITY gives +3 to defense)

Shield Round (Magic: +8) (Does not stop arrows +3 only)


Spear 8’ (Magic: +9, thrown or otherwise)


Coming from the far north, above the arctic circle, she finds armor being too warm. Those in this more southern clime think she is crazy going into combat without armor. Still, they liked her looks…

The Far North is dying, but people this far south have not heard. Yet. The magic allowing plants and trees to yied a harvest in three cool months has gone from the land. The people are in a diaspora, fleeing the North for the South, hoping what happened there does not come with them.

She had no trouble finding employment. Her spear was the wonder of the regiment. Until, one night she was tied to her bunk in her sleep, hit over the head and attacked brutally, again and again. She could not stand the idea of not having her revenge, but she had to leave.

First, killing the colonel and his guard, all asleep. Easy! Fighting her way out of the gate was considerably harder. Finally, she made herself free with only a lingering cut on her thigh. Using the healing magic her father taught her, the wound was healed, with no scar. She was glad there weren’t two cuts, as the magic only works once each day. She sought out a local town, hearing adventurers sometimes started from there…


U-Con 2011 DireWolf