Caztor of Medio

A brave and daring squire-turned-soldier. Now, an adventurer.


h1 Caztor (STR 16 DEX 7 CON 13 INT 16 WIS 16 CHA 17)

Hit Points

Helmet w/Horns (Magic; 7) Horns are sharp (D6) (Hit: 16)
Body Leather w/Chain (
Arms/Legs Heavy Chain (+5)
Boots of Speed (Moves 4) (Magic; +7)
Gauntlets of Speed (Two attacks/parries per turn) (Magic; +10)

Broad sword (D8) (Hit: 10)
Dagger (Magic; Very Sharp) (D4+4) (Hit: 8)
Round Shield (Block: 6)

Carrying Capacity (600 gold) (1200 gold 1/2 speed)

Old Injury
Caztor is the recognized bastard son of a bishop. Sent to be trained as a knight at six, he was injured at seven. His left foot was split from mid-toe half-way back. With quite a limp for years, even though eventually healed properly, he still limps. He may be clearly heard at some distance, due to this injury.

Knight to Cleric to Squire to Soldier

Unable to become a knight, he was sold to the Church. There, he learned some of the ways of clerics and a spell or two. However, he longed for the life of a knight. He wrote to his father and asked to become a squire at 13. This was granted. He learned well and became a squire at 21. The knight he had become assigned was good to him and they were happy for some time, until his knight was slain in a duel over money and women. Not wishing to be the next victim in a rigged duel, he took the knight’s possessions in their rooms and left town, quickly.

Battles were being talked about in near lands, so he went to see what they were like. He liked what he saw and became a soldier of rank (a platoon sergeant, in our day). He used some of his (knight’s) money to buy that position, from the mercenary colonel.

After several years with that regiment, he was set free. His payment was returned to him, now a captain, and he was told of a mission being formed in a nearby city. He chose to join.

Caztor of Medio

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