STR 15 DEX 17 CON 15 INT 13 WIS 13 CHA 4


Helm Leather and Iron (5)
Body Leather and Iron (
Arms/Legs Leather and Iron (5)
Boots Leather and Iron (
Gauntlets Leather and Iron (+5)

Shield Box (Magic: +18)


Short Sword (Magic: D8+8)
Dagger (D4)
Sling (Magic: D6+6)
Bow (Magic: Always 12 Damage)


In his 42nd year, baseo’s looks had been defaced from many enemies. His soul, only by one.

Twenty-four years of campaigning and wintering over, rancid wine, wormy food; still worse women… Had it been worth it? In the long run, yes. Yes. Now, his regiment was breaking camp to move to the next battle. He decided to take his pay and retirement lot here. Enough bad stuff. It was time for baseo to do something fun.

That lasted two nights.

Then, he heard of adventurers gathering for a mission. This kind of person he’d always laughed at. Going out to kill a dragon, or whatever. This time, he was no longer a soldier and had nothing but mayhem for skills. Perhaps this could be fun?


U-Con 2011 DireWolf